Research on Ionized Water in Ultra Running

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Research project: June-August 2014 NY Queens, USA. Sponsored by SOLS.

The use of Chanson ionized water (energized with PHI Water Technology) on Ukrainian ultra Running top athlete Mr. Lebediev S. Oleg at the official longest race in the world the 3100 miles race in NY, June-August 2014.

Direct Report and testimony from Stutisheel Oleg Lebediev (ultra runner top athlete).

Using Ionized Water during preparation and racing at The Self-transcendence 3100-Mile race.

For quite a few years I had a liver and kidneys issues, specially when I was undergoing through extreme and severe endurance running for many years and then the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race in NY summer weather condition starting every June.

Prior to 3100 mile race start

During the preparation program for the 3100 mile race in 2014 I took advice of my naturopathic doctor Kausal Cortella from Switzerland and as radical measure to address my health issues I bought, following his precious advice and in details explanation, the water ionization machine from Chanson. Also I applied PHI Water Energizer inside the ionization machine to have water with a maximum energy and health capacity. This very machine, we decided to bring it over to New York at the time of the race.

I had 1,5 month of my final running training with ionized water before my start on the 3100 mile race at June 15, 2014. As was advised I spent 1 week drinking water Level 1 and then switched to Level 2. I definitely felt that water is live, healthy and tasty. Although, Level 2 was sometimes too intense for me during training and recovery, but this was also explained to me by Dr. Cortella, so I was ready to follow strictly the program. So we decided to consume water Level 1 and Level 2 in approximate proportion 6:4. Beside many other factors, I believe that ionized water helped me to gain quite a good shape prior to the start and did my longest training 73 km and my longest weekend training of 73+47 km with a steady pace and strong energy flow. I was drinking pure ionized water every 5K of the trainings. Longest training at Garmin: http://

I also would like to mention few other things, that I did to strengthen my liver and kidneys:
– Ayurvedic cleansing (punarnava 500, kutki 400, shankapuspi 400, kanchanar, guggulu 300, punarnava guggulu 200)
– Heel injections (Solidago Compositum, Glyoxal compositum, Lycopodium)
– Cordicepts and Lecithin daily supply
– Cleansing Madal Bal diet

The Self-transcendence 3100 mile race, 2014 edition

I can say that my previous year (2013) of 8 month training for the Ironman and the triathlon itself which I did in pretty good time of 11:10:50 – was an enormous help and breakthrough both on the physical plane and mental as well. I did a lot of speed work in all fields of the Ironman preparation and due to my coaches developed more knowledge and experience in training, recovery and nutrition fields. Plus new dimension of using ionized water, where I realised that all the supplements seemed to have much stronger effect.

Now more details.
I would like to begin with some statistics – what I achieved for the first time during the race in 2014:
•6 days out of 48 I did more than 70 miles (112 km)
•last 3 days prior to the finish day – 70, 70 and 71 miles
•last day – super pace: 20 miles in 3 hours 57 minutes. Under the rain with heavy shoes
•best miles during the race – 130 laps, 71 miles (114,8 km) – day number 48
•first 10 days – 644 miles, second 10 days – 633 miles, third 10 days – 614 miles, forth 10 days – 649 miles, last full 10 days – 674 miles.
•first 1550 miles of the race – 24 days + 12:55:36, second 1550 miles – 23 days +15:01:43
•average speed – 64.366 miles per day (103,587 km)
•day of full moon – 60 miles
•weight loss by 7 kg. First and last 10 days my weight did not change
•fast recovery. Already after one week after finish (August 2, 2014) I started training for 6-8 km per day and in 3 week time ran 47 mile race in a time of 7:20:30. (pace – 5:44 per 1 km)

That all resulted in my 3100 mile race in 2014 to be strong, smooth and the happiest ever. My average speed really increased – I finished the race in 48 days 3 hours 57 minutes and 19 seconds (an average of 64.4 miles per day). And transcended my previous personal best of 2009 almost by 9 hours.

Race Schedule

All 14 runners of the race were having start at 6 am sharp every day. For 18 hours – till the midnight, – we had to do a minimum of 60 miles to meet the deadline of 52 days for completing 3100 miles. For the first half of the distance I had 3 breaks:
– around 14 o’clock for 15-20 minutes
– around 18 o’clock for 15-20 minutes
– around 21 o’clock for 10 minutes

For the second half of the race, after day 25, I was feeling quite strong and killed third break. My brakes shifted a little:

– around 15:30 for 15 minutes
– around 21:30 for 10 minutes

Then the day before finish I killed my second break and ran 71 miles with only 15 minutes rest around 16 o’clock.

I had fresh ionized water supply every 6 hours, accurately prescribed and even physically prepared by my doctor – at 5:30 am, 12 am and around 6 pm. Almost all first half of the race I consumed water Level 1 before noon and Level 2 all the rest time. It seemed that Level 2 was too strong for me all the time. Then nearer to the finish I drank all the time Level 2 and it was fine. I consumed usual tap-filtered water (only C3 Chanson Water)  around 20-10% and 80-90% – ionized water.

It was just a smooth and a steady energy flow, usually my pace increased by the evening and specially before the midnight. Change was in that majority of days out of 48 I had that kind of energy. When Dr Kausal arrived in NY to personally follow me, treat me and test me it was July and then he supervised me and all other athletes until the end of the race. Dr Kausal was testing everything very accurately (with Lecher antenna, pulse reading, kinesiology), and he confirmed the excellent level of water quality reached along with an ideal reaction of my energy system. He also treated me with the PHI and PHI water (Aeteres-SOLS technology and protocol), every alternate day or when needed together with bio-energetics and Ayurvedic “Marma” and massage Therapy. Also, for the first time I used Tums (turmeric) anti acid-pills only two times during all 48 days of the race, when I was feeling heartburn. Usually during the races of previous years I used it every second day.

This is definitely due to the water quality in comparison to previous years when the water was only filtered. Water helped me to manage perfectly all the stomach acidity.

Here is the video, which I recorded during the race on the day 34, speaking about how it became possible to me running 70 miles per day


What I definitely noticed – the fast recovery during the night. I was sleeping well starting from day 5 and exactly starting on that day I felt brand new legs at the start for the first time – like you didn’t ran 4 days before and just entered the race. I did 65.6 miles that day and had a very strong set of the next 9 days with average of 67 miles.

After the day finish I was usually taking Vega Sport protein shake. But this time with ionized water stronger effect was quite vivid and amazing.
Also Dr Kausal was testing and optimizing my sleeping place, he is an expert in B.B or E.B.B. (Building Biology) so he placed in the environment the Phi Technology and some other technology from Switzerland named Ojas, in specific places of my room, and the sleep quality improved consistently.

Last days on the race

I wanted to transcend my personal best that I set in 2009, for that last days I really need to run faster. I was feeling quite strong by the end of the race, stronger than at the beginning – that itself is a miracle to me. But I also was feeling, that I can do more. So I shared my planes with Dr. Kausal. Last 4 of 5 day I had few more express visits to the medical tend on the race for 10-15 minutes. He helped me manually as I reported, to increase my running capacity, so that I was able to jump to 129 laps on my day #46 and maintain that speed till the end of the race. I felt increased determination, fluent and powerful energy flow.

For the last day it remained 20 miles for me to finish the race. According to my previous days pace I would finish by 11 am. But I definitely want earlier – by 10. That meant that during 4 hours from the start at 6 am I need to maintain pace of 6:30 per lap (883 m). Even with the speed of 71 mile per day, I had pace of 7:30-8 minutes per lap…

In that last morning of the race, when I was meditating a surrendered determination came to me: I will do what I can, but if I fail to finish at 10 am – I will not be sad.

Right from the start it was drizzling rain that continued all morning. First lap I did in 6:20 and so my sprinting begun… Even heavy wet shoes can’t stop me from achieving my dream. I finished at 9:57 am, having ran 20 miles (36 laps) in 3:57:19. 10 minutes before my finish rain stopped.

I thanks everybody who contributed to this inner and outer achievement. Special thanks to Dr Cortella and SOLS Switzerland that sponsored this simple but impressive research program.

Now I can summarize:

Sky is the limit

Stutisheel Oleg Lebediev

Stutisheel Oleg Lebedev at the race finish

Together with Dr. K. Carlo Cortella few minutes later at the awarding ceremony

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