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After many years of participation and crossing the finish line of the world’s longest certified 3100 Mile Race I can say, that belief in oneself is the most important thing in moving forward in life. I saw, felt and appreciated how faith in myself helped me to achieve my goal. I think that many people do not have enough of this quality to make satisfactory progress and achieve success. Grace from Above is always generously pouring into our lives – it is our lack of faith in ourselves  and fear of challenging obstacles that limit the work of Grace in and through us …

I would like to share one amazing story that took place before my third running of the Self-Transcendence 3100-Mile Race in 2006.

My self-belief training started the day I was set to fly to New York. My wife, my daughter and I arrived at the Boryspil airport in Kyiv 50 minutes before our departure time, only to discover that we had left our passports at home! My wife and my daughter turned white at the news. It was clearly impossible to go home, pick up the passports and still return on time. Despite this fact, I decided to try. That’s when the adventures began.

Instead of the usual 40 minutes one-way, the taxi driver made the round trip in 40 minutes. On the way, I didn’t allow myself to doubt our success – not even for a second. I was conscious that if I allowed that thought-thief to enter my mind, “That’s it – we are late, we will need to change our tickets, etc.” – we would not have a flight that day. My tremendous peace and confidence were my saviours.

The next time around, we entered the airport five minutes before the plane was scheduled to depart. The check-in manager turned out to be a good person and showed sympathy to me as the only Ukrainian runner in the world’s longest race. She agreed to register us, but the computers refused to cooperate, because the check-in process had ended by that time. Despite her willingness, she could do nothing. I continued to insist, saying that possibly she could do it manually; machines should serve us, not vice versa. It was not until she called the plane and the pilot agreed to wait for us, that we were admitted onto the plane.

It seems that pilot had been making announcements to the passengers that flight was delayed because of VIPs… As we passed through first class, then business class and finally to economy class 3 free seats, we got strange looks from all sides… When we finally took our seats, I managed to utter only: “I simply can’t believe it! We’ve delayed the flight of an American ‘Delta’ for half an hour!”

That experience came to my mind quite often later during the race. The journey to your goal starts when you gain confidence in achieving it. No matter how many times you have finished the 3100-mile race, each time the distance challenges you anew. This faith differs from our impermanent presumptuousness or vague feeling that “I- can-do-it”. It grows, slowly but steadily, just like a seed, inside you.

That year, I faced a great deal of hardship: heavy rains – the average rainfall for the month came down all in one single day; the necessity to run half-bent to overcome strong winds, which downed trees in the neighborhood; forty degree centigrade heat, when other people in New York City were advised to stay indoors; exhaustion and sleep hanging on my eyelids at 11 pm, etc. Each time I resorted to another of Sri Chinmoy’s aphorisms, one that sends a thrill through my entire body:

If we really want to go onward, 
And fly upward and dive inward – 
There is nothing
That can actually resist us. 

[CD: Journey Beyond Within]

In general, I can say, that this unique 3100 Mile Race –  is the best school of life for me. I have never encountered didn’t meet any other event so efficient not only in testing all your ideas and approaches, but actually in making you stronger. And you are free to use that peace and strength you get in your daily life.

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I’m quite eager to share my inspiration and motivation that have enabled me to achieve those most challenging heights and goals.

My favourite topics are:

Setting Goals
Team Building And the Leadership
The Secret of Success 
Managing Creativity And Nonstandard Solutions
Time Management
Risk Management
Stress Management 
Crisis Management
Developing a Strong Character
Development of Visualisation
Mantras In Action 
Proper Nutrition
Developing Energy for Project Implementation
Achieve The Impossible!

I invite you to learn more about my approach and ideas from my book Esoteric Project Management: the development and application of inner power in management.

Let me know, if I can be of help to you.

No path can be
Too hard for you
If you have one God-Gift:
Faith in yourself.
Sri Chinmoy
[Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 83]

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