Since 1991 I have been practising meditation under the guidance of Sri Chinmoy. Much of what I heard during my first lecture on his philosophy more than 20 years ago, pleased me enormously. But what appealed to me the most was the synthesis of the ancient wisdom of the East and the dynamic, practical approach of the West.

What could be more practical than right action at the right time? But what is right action, and when it’s the right time? We cannot discover them without the inner dimension. This is the time to learn concentration and meditation.

I was always amazed at Sri Chinmoy’s ability to see positive things in each person, to bring to the fore our good qualities and to reveal our divine nature. It is simply incredible! Many times I felt wings behind me and was filled with power from his support. Sometimes a fleeting smile was enough to raise immeasurable the standard of your self-giving, sincerity and good intensions. In his presence, you felt yourself filled with solid peace and at the same time as if you had become a happy squealing child once more. He mad me feel happy with life and that I wanted to throw this joy into the service to others.

But what is most amazing about this man is the fact that he always lived according to his philosophy. It is quite rare that you can meet people who live as beautifully and truthfully as their words. In August 2007 he was 76, but due to his life’s dynamism and diversity of his initiatives it was impossible to give him even 40. The poet-seer, refined artist, heavenly composer, pioneer athlete in the field of weightlifting, no matter how hard it is to believe – was all combined in one person. But when you saw with your own eyes how at every moment he was creating something, painting birds, writing aphorisms, composing songs, or working out on fitness machines, you saw that it was not only possible, but you were inspired also to develop your own talents and not lose a minute of precious time.

In 2005, June 11, the day before my second start at the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race, I received the spiritual name “Stutisheel” which in Sanskrit means “sleepless devotion-worship heart …”. And during the race it started to bloom. I really felt that this is myself, my essence…

Here is a great documentary about Sri Chinmoy’s unprecedented weightlifting career

Challenging Impossibility – From Inner Peace to Outer Strength


I would like to quote some of my favourite Sri Chinmoy’s aphorisms below.

Try not to change the world.
You will fail.
Try to love the world.
Lo, the world is changed.
Changed forever

Perfect happiness
Is enthusiasm
Minus expectation.

Mystical silence
Guides my outer life


I need not to say the right thing.
I need to be a right person.


The outer battlefield-hero
Is the atom bomb.
The inner battlefield-hero supreme
Is peace.


Mankind reaches
Toward perfection
Not by the power
Of the mind
But by the peace
Of the heart.


Ask the ancients
What is best.
The answer is peace,
And nothing else.

Ask the moderns
What is best.
The answer is speed,
And definitely not peace.


You could learn more about Sri Chinmoy at his official page

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