Miho Nakata 24-hour world record 2023 IAU 24 Hour World Championships

New women’s world record in 24 hour race – 270.363 km!

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Miho Nakata from Japan just smashed the women’s world record, running an insane 167.996 miles (270.363 km) at the IAU 24-hour World Championships in Taipei, Taiwan! She beat the previous record set by Camille Herron by 247 meters!

Olena Shevchenko from Ukraine rocked it too, snagging second place in the women’s category with 158.116 miles (254.463 km). And let’s hear it for Andrii Tkachuk, also from Ukraine, who bagged third place in the men’s category with an impressive 176.805 miles (284.540 km)!

True fact: Both Olena and Andrii started their ultramarathon careers with the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Races, including national championships for 24 and 48 hours in Kyiv and Vinnytsa. Andrii mentioned dreaming about running the 3100-Mile Race a few times.

Tsai Wen-Ya, the women’s WR holder for the 3100-Mile Race, represented Taiwan and ran 202.017 km. And our friend Fiona Hayvice from New Zealand, who was a huge support to Harita in the recent 3100-Mile Race, ran 174.340 km.

A massive congrats to all our friends and the incredible athletes at the championship!

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