This was the third 3100 mile race I failed to finish. Due to the extremely hot weather, I did not have the strength to cope with the load and the challenge of the distance. Gradually various internal organs began to malfunction. And when Kaushal arrived a few weeks before the deadline for the race, he even wanted to remove me from the race and send me to the hospital. But I got to day 52 with my 2604 miles and even started to recover.

Even before the 3100 mile race was over, I felt inspired to start the 47 mile race at the end of August. In fact, 18 days after finishing 3100. And although there was still a taste of suffering on the 47 mile run, I finished fourth overall with a good time of 7:12:41 (pace 5:43 min/km)

I recorded 31 video reports during the race

All results of the 3100-Mile Self-Transcendence Race in 2016

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