Every 3100-Mile Race is a lifetime experience. Or maybe a few… Whether you’ve finished this longest race before or you’re running for the first time, every time it’s the hardest of your life. In my 8 starts, perhaps only my record breaking 2009 run was a breeze when I had nuclear power and just one day of walking. And although the details fade from memory over time, each run is a whole era in your life.

This year is the 80th anniversary of Sri Chinmoy and the 27th anniversary of the Marathon team in which he lit the torch of self-transcendence. A year of very special blessings. Suddenly, Galya and Pushkar withdrew their candidacies for various reasons and gave way to new runners: Igor Mudrik, Sarvagata Ukrainsky and Pradeep. As a result, Sarvagata was the first to cross the 3100-Mile Race finish line this year, Igor was the second and Pradeep became the first Dutchman to successfully finish the race.

The 2011 run was very diverse. On the one hand, it was a very soulful race for me: most of the time I ran by myself – it also took me inside. At some point, already in the middle of the run, when various pains periodically arose, I felt that injuries this year would not stop me, because I have a huge support in the inner world …

On the other hand, there were some new physical moments that made me think about the last run of my life. From day 21 there was a strange pain on the inside of the tibia. I recognized it since last year, when I had to stop for 24 days … I really hoped that I would run across her. But it never made it to the end of the run. Neither Pradan nor other doctors could say anything intelligible about this – after all, a bone cannot hurt. And only Ashprihanal at the end, when he asked about my problem, exclaimed: “so this is side shin splint!”. He also had such non-standard inflammation and I even remembered. There is no cure, only painkillers, which, in addition to relieving pain, work with inflammation. This inflammation did not develop much, but it did not go away – it stole 5 miles from me every day from day 21. In the morning I looked like an invalid, limped on my right leg until I ran 5-7 laps. In the end, it became almost unbearable…

Another innovation was the sciatic nerve, again on the right leg. As Mich explained to me, running for a long time compresses the spine and begins to put pressure on the sciatic nerve in the lumbar hotel. The effect is very interesting: it is not the lower back that hurts, but you feel that the leg becomes weak. From the thigh muscle, calf and all the way to the foot. You just can’t push full force. I want to relieve tension and discomfort with a massage, but since this is a nerve, nothing helps. Mitch, Gaurish, Felix, Pradan did lumbar decompression for me – they tried to stretch it so that there was no pressure on the nerve. So these two innovations were on duty with me in turn. There were no passes :)

And of course, the full moon put me out of action: Kaushal said that the main problem this time was with the liver. And when the liver can not cope with the load – there is no energy in the body, you want to sleep, you feel weak. The end of the thirties days turned out to be like this: one day I run normally, the other I walk. And so many times… Kaushal did his best, but it seemed to me that over all these efforts there is a Hand from Above, which finally blesses for certain experiences. Earthly doctors are simply powerless here.

In addition, I had protein poisoning three times, I think this also played an important role in the “severity” of the race.

On day 42, due to very hot weather (the day before it was +42), Rupantar established a day off. At the same time, the run clock did not stop, but he added two days to the control period of the run – so there were 54 days after which the run ended.

In the last week of the run, I had everything to the maximum: I really wanted to finish on day 53 and, due to the fact that I could not accelerate, I had to cut two daytime breaks to 15 minutes and run until midnight. As a result, when I woke up in the morning on the day of my finish, I realized that tomorrow I would not have gone to the start at 6 in the morning.

On the last day I had 57 miles (103 laps) left and my body was quite cooperative. I finished on August 3 at 22:19 in the rain, with special blessings from Above.

For the last 7-10 laps, I was already absolutely happy: all the lessons learned, all the experiences passed – I’m ready to finish!

Although the run was hard, but I feel that my soul is satisfied!

Final Results of the 3100-Mile Race in 2011

3100 miles 2011

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