This year I showed my best performance so far at 3100-Miles – 48 days 3 hours 57 minutes 19 seconds. By almost 9 hours, I surpassed my PB five years ago. It seems that the streak of suffering on the race, injuries and low energy, is finally behind. Of course, the 3100-Mile Race is unpredictable, but the overall good feeling is definitely there. Hope this is just the beginning. Feeling like I was just born as a fast 3100 runner in this special 2014.

I had a number of things that had never happened before:
– six days out of 48 I ran more than 70 miles (112 km)
– last full three days before the finish – 70, 70 and 71 miles
– last day – super pace: 20 miles in 3 hours 57 minutes. In the rain in wet and heavy sneakers.
– record miles per race – 130 laps, 71 miles (114.8 km) – on day 48
– first 10 days – 644 miles, second 10 days – 633, third 10 days – 614, fourth 10 days – 649. Last full 10 days – 674 miles
– first 1550 miles – 24 days + 12:55:36, second 1550 miles – 23 days + 15:01:43
– average speed per run – 64.366 miles per day or 103.587 km per day
– full moon day – 60 miles
– lost 7 kg. Moreover, the first and last 10 days the weight did not change.
– fast recovery. Just a week after finishing at 3100-Mile Race on August 2, 2014, I started training 6-8 km a day and after 3 weeks finished the invitational 47 mile race (76 km) in 7:20:30. (pace – 5:44 min/km)

Below is a video from the 34th day of the race, when I ran 70 miles a day for a couple of days in a row.

The weather was extremely favorable, perhaps such a mild summer in New York happens once in 10 years. And even less often. We only had a couple of days above 30 degrees. But there were many days with high humidity.

I would say that for me two things are key on the race: the weather and the food. And with both this time I was extremely lucky. The culinary team was very responsive, striving to satisfy all your wishes. Along the way, certain foods were excluded from my diet and new ones were added. But mostly excluded) Tofu, lentils, quinoa this time absolutely did not take root in my diet. It also took me 10 years to understand that ice cream made with ordinary milk greatly undermines my liver, which, in addition to serving as the blood filter, is also a very important energy center in the body. When I finally eliminated dairy ice cream mid-run, I had just one tough day in the second half.

8 days before my finish, our most experienced doctor, Kaushal from Italy, arrived. For several years now, he has also been my sports doctor, who developed my diet, cleansing and strengthening program before the start, as well as during the race itself. When I arrived at his express appointment, he was very surprised and said that he had never seen me in such a good condition and with such a good level of energy before. He even said that he would not prescribe anything for me. And that I should continue to take all the vitamins, supplements and keep the same routine as before. My diet has perfected over 10 years of 3100-Mile Races. Although a couple of days later, when I said that I wanted to run even faster to improve my time, Kaushal began to perform his magic. He joked that he had a wonderful sample to make a super athlete. He succeeded) I felt determination, a smooth and strong flow of energy and that I could do more. On my penultimate day, we had two finishes, two ceremonies, when all the runners meet the finisher in the camp near the finish line. So from a technical point of view, they lose a few laps. On this day, I decided to “kill” my second break. And so it happened that I did 130 laps with one break for 20 minutes in the middle of the day.

On the last day I had 36 laps or 20 miles left. According to the speed of the previous days, the directors expected my finish at 11 o’clock in the morning. But I definitely wanted to go faster and finish at 10. This meant that for 4 hours I had to maintain a speed of 6 minutes 30 seconds per lap. Even at 71 miles a day, I averaged 7:30-8 minutes/lap. And in the morning during the meditation before the start, “surrendered determination” came to me. I will do my best, but if I fail to finish at 10, then it will be so, I will not be upset.
Stutisheel's last day at the 3100-Mile Race in 2014

Right at the start it was raining, which continued from night. I did the first lap for 6:20. And my speed-race started … Even the heavier, wet sneakers could not interfere with my determination. I finished at 9:57, ran 36 laps in 3:57:19. As I dreamed. 10 minutes before the finish, the rain stopped…

Stutisheel Oleg Lebedev finish 3100 2014
Now I can summarise “The sky is the limit”

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