3100 miles in 2006



June 11, ten minutes to 6 in the morning. All runners are at the start waiting for a new life.

Before the start, Sri Chinmoy placed a piece of candy in everyone’s hands.

First lap. It was 10C and some runners were even wearing gloves…

For the first few laps, Sri Chinmoy watched the runners. In the future, he will come to the track up to 5 times a day to support our spirit and inspire us to move on.

As time goes on, it gets warmer and we peel off our “layers”.

Well-fed, in the prime of life :)

This is the first day.


Evening of the tenth day. Differences from the previous photo “on the face”.

According to statistics, only the first few weeks there is weight loss. Then some even gain. My difference between start and finish is minus 3 kg.

The runners also survived a 3-week sewer repair right on the sidewalk where we ran. And laying asphalt, and much more of the fleeting life …

With Pranab from Slovakia.

On the 20th day, he underwent surgery to remove the toenails that had begun to grow into the body. After 2 hours he was already running. Improved his previous result by 7 days.

Martin often did the same exercises in the same places. This is me copying it.

Morning. The flight is normal.

After the end of the next working day, they take me to the car and go home to rest. Best of the day :)

On the go, I read the letters that were sent to me in support.

Modified sneakers close-up. You will not buy such a model with cut off socks in any store :)

This year, Asics in Ukraine sponsored some of the equipment, in particular sneakers. This turned out to be very useful, since there was no shoe repair on the track, unlike the previous times. I wore 16 pairs of first class shoes.

During a light rain, we saved ourselves with umbrellas, but when the water began to pour in a stream, I put on a waterproof cape.

“Work tool”

Passers-by went on with their daily lives.

A rare shot when the whole family is involved: the wife is trying to feed me with something, the daughter is counting circles, but I am at work.

This is how our usual start in the morning at 6:04 looked like. This is day 35.

Two lifes

When passing the camp, you could be served from all sides. On the left – Olokanonda with ice to my head, on the right – Shrotashvini with her miraculous medicine in the form of dust for the normal functioning of the stomach.

After returning from Japan, Sri Chinmoy presented each runner with something from the Land of the Rising Sun. Many of us, like Martin, looked like samurai. Maybe not only looked …

An infrequent shot when I was filmed at night almost exhausted.

114 laps behind (100 km). Protein shake and go home.

Day 28, 23:40.

At the finish of Madupran. We all sincerely admired him and rejoiced for a new World Record at 3100-Mile Race.

Day 42

After his finish, Madupran still came to the track to support his “workmates”.

Day 52, a few hours before Martin’s finish. When we ran together, I told him: “I’m half dead.” And he replied: “I’m 99% dead”

The rains knocked down the foliage dried in the heat and we ran in the middle of autumn into the height of summer.

Pit stop. Changing shoes after rain.

Morning. There are 18 hours of self-transcendence ahead.

For today :)

Suprabha said that I look like a Hollywood star. In fact, I have ice in a scarf around my neck and ice under my cap, because of temperature +38C in the shade.

Bipin (right) on such unbearably hot days brought a barrel of water into which ice was thrown. I climbed into a plastic bag and into the water. After 5 minutes of refrigeration felt like a frozen chicken.


On the last lap, I ran with the Ukrainian flag, which was specially sewn for my finish.

This year we have a 3100 mile flag with which all runners finish.

Finish line after 54 days 4 hours 24 minutes and 41 seconds. 11th place

Congratulation song for me

After the finish line, all suffering and pain are forgotten very quickly.

Everyone who finished before me. From left to right:

(standing) Shopan (Tsvetan), Srjan, Pranab, Stutisheel, Martin, Digonta (Rainald), Helmut – Madupran’s assistant.

(sitting) Ashprihanal, Madupran, Ananda-Lahari, Hans-Jurgen.

There is no Smarana, who had already flown home to Austria the day before.

Sri Chinmoy and the whole Lebedev family after my finish.

Dedicated to my sponsor, Asics in Ukraine:

16 pairs of sneakers that did their job…





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