Sri Chinmoy and Stutisheel Oleg Lebedev at 3100 Mile Race finish in 2007


In 2007, I started the longest race in the world for the fourth time. In short, I can say that it was the most mystical race – I got everything that I had only dreamed of all these years. I ran in the heat, was exceptionally consistent, ran the second half 15 hours faster than the first. All the findings that I described in my first three books have worked 100% in practice this year. The most interesting thing is that I had the feeling that it was all already planned in advance … and this is just the beginning.

The start of the run took place on June 17 at 6:04 am. At the start – 12 runners from 9 countries. Three – for the first time: Grahak, Vlastimil and Petr (winner of the 10-day race in New York this year). The distance was successfully covered by 11 runners.

It turned out that was the last 3100-Mile Race with physical presence of Sri Chinmoy. He passed away on Oct 11 later this year…

I finished on day 51 – August 6 at 18:35. Guru came to celebrate my finish in blue t-shirt and yellow shorts – colours of the Ukrainian flag.

3100-Mile 2007 results





1.   Ashprihanal Aalto




Finnish record

2.  Srdjan Stojanovic






3.   Pranab Vladovich




Slovak record

4.  Smarana Puntigam






Austrian record

5.  Ananda-Lahari Zuskin




6. Grahak Cunningham




Australian record

7. Stutisheel Lebedev




record of Ukraine

8. Pranjal Milovnik






9. Peter Spasil 28 Czech Republic 52+12:54:08
10. Abichal Watkins 46 Great Britain 55+08:32:41 Great Britain record
11. Suprabha Bjekord 51 USA 58+07:54:27 
11th finish in the raw!
12. Vlastimil Dvorachek 47 Czech Republic stop on day 11

Pictures from the 2007 Race
Interview with the runners on day 7 and 21

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