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Having experience in project management for 30+ years, underwent a lot of training, I often found myself thinking that all the beautiful and correct formulas, graphs, words and approaches, not always work in practice. Practising meditation for third decade, first of all I’m used to look for answers  inside. Sitting at a regular training on Change Management by Carnegie Mellon University, I thought that in the classical approach of project management something important remains behind the scenes – a very large area for the development of our strong qualities to make all these beautiful schemas work. Everywhere it’s stressed out that we must have the willpower, ability to maintain poise under stress situation, to have intuition – all for the effective management … But in classic books on project management, you will not find the answer to the question – how to develop them?

Thus idea came to me  – to expand classical picture of management for the development of the necessary inner qualities through meditation. If you want the latter concerns the content, filling, while the science of project management is a beautiful frame or shape.I formed my own training course, where I tried to overview the major areas of project management and to build a necessary vector for the development of the inner approach, essential qualities for complete picture and effective management.

Thus synthesis of management and mediation came into existence. Or, if you use the scientific language, the practical application of spiritual practices for project management. This is my idea of an Esoteric Project Management.Spiritual and meditation exercises, which I’m using in trainings, mostly taken from my Master Sri Chinmoy works. And of course, verified in my life.

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Esoteric Project Management
the Development and Application of Inner Power in Management

Turn to more effective, powerful yet harmonious management, boosting it with your inner force. Develop and apply your capacity with the ancient meditation techniques.

This book is based on many years trainings and experience in esoteric project management, including daily application of these approaches. The idea behind the book is to expand the classical approach to management through the development of a range of inner qualities through meditation and spiritual practice. If you take the science of project management as building a beautiful frame or shape, the inner component provides the interior.

You will find a specific meditation technique to develop your skills for every major field of Project Management. Time Management, Risk Management, Stress Management, Crisis Management to name just a few.

Brief information about the author of the approach. Stutisheel Oleg Lebedev

On a professional line – a motivational lecturer, a manager for setting up and optimizing processes. Graduated with honors from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT, Faculty of Management and Applied Mathematics). During 20 years of active application of the project management culture, completed a number of large commercial projects: planning the construction of the Hrazdanskaya GRES (Armenia), implementation of project management software at the Lukoil oil refinery (Perm, Russia), launching an Internet portal for the sale of state lotteries (Ukraine), certification of the fifth level of maturity (CMMI ML5) of the IT company EPAM (Szeged, Hungary).

Also, in the list of successful public projects: coordination of the first branch of the world torch relay “Peace Run” in Western Ukraine; organization of the international concert “Songs of the Soul” (Kyiv, October Palace); annual holding of the national championship of Ukraine in 24H running in Kyiv; meditation trainings “Live in the Heart” in the CIS countries; and many others.

Project Management Professional Certificate (2023)
Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate (2022)

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