Sri Chinmoy 10 Day Race Start New York 2024

Sri Chinmoy 10 Day Race Start in New York

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This is the 25th annual 10-day race organized by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team since 1999. The start line featured 23 athletes from 17 countries. Among them are several traditionally strong runners who will sleep the least, including Budjargal Byambaa from Mongolia and Andrea Marcato from Italy. Three runners are attempting to qualify for the 3100-mile race in 2024. Sopan Tsekov from Bulgaria, who suffered an injury several years ago, aims to return to the start of the 3100-mile race. Radu Budan from Moldova and Annabel Hepworth from Australia are also participating. Technically, to qualify, they need to cover 600 miles in 10 days.

You can follow the runners on the official website and the Stutisheel YouTube channel.

Stutisheel Youtube channel

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