3100 miles in 2022

Tenth finish in 3100-Mile Race!

The war in my native Ukraine made its tough adjustments to life. But thank God, with my family, we first ended up in Europe and then to the U.S. And again they were able to dream, plan their future.But the war, like nothing else, pushed me to live for today, for the present moment – because there may not be a next moment or “tomorrow”.

After we were in New York, I realized that it was very realistic to prepare and compete in the 3100 mile race – my 14th start! In 2022, as in the previous year, the start was postponed to autumn – the run took place from September 5 to October 26. 52 control days. Looking ahead, I will say that I managed to finish 2 hours before the deadline for the 52nd day of the race! 10 finish at 3100!

Despite most days of fairly good 65 mile / 105 km flying, there have been a few crises and dramas. At the very beginning of the race in New York, another outbreak of covid was walking and one runner out of 11 even got sick the day before the start of the race and therefore did not go to the start. My health deteriorated sharply on day 5 with suspected covid … While they were taken home earlier, while they did the tests and waited for the results the next day, I lost 12 hours of running. But in twelve days I was able to catch up with the schedule.

Then there were more torrential cold rains during the week when New York brushed the tail of the hurricane in Florida. And depression was not only among the runners, but even among the organizers. One day I also left home about 5 hours earlier, because I was completely wet and cold …

In the thirtieth days I got inflammation of the periosteum – walked 4 days, losing many miles …

But despite the recessions, challenges and crises, he still managed to finish in the region of 22 hours on the 52nd day of the race. It took me 7 years to reach my tenth finish line – my previous 3100 mile finish was in 2015!

3100 миль в 2022 Стутишил Олег Лебедев

Even though I didn’t report on the run, you can follow my progress towards my goal every day – all 5649 laps before finish 3100 miles at Strava ✌🏻

Official results

3100 результаты в 2022

Additional Info

Official 3100-Mile Race site 3100.SriChinmoyRaces.org

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