Registration for 6 and 10 day Races in New York  is now open

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The 24th Annual 10 Day Race – April 22 – May 2, 2019
The 22nd annual 6 Day Race – April 26 – May 2, 2019

These races are the Sri Chinmoy marathon team hallmark in New York, and the embodiment of the self-transcendence philosophy in sport. Both races are held in the Flushing Meadows Park simultaneously, and collect up to 100 participants from more than 20 countries annually.

The organizers set up an autonomous camp for athletes, along with a kitchen and a counting station. The track is open 24 hours a day. The lap is certified by USATF # NY18017JG. Weather conditions are usually quite challenging – from +20 C during the day with intense sun, to -5C at night. At this time of the year it is also common to get heavy rains. However, transcending weather conditions and hundreds of kilometers, each of the participants finishes a different person than when they arrived. This is a meeting place for old friends, and creating new ones.
The Sri Chinmoy marathon team is known for its high standard in serving runners and creating a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

You can apply by going to the event’s official website:

Because of the limited capacity, the selection is made on a competitive basis (usually 2: 1) – the organizers carefully review your running history, and if you do not have 24H races in the track record or, even better, 48H runs, then most likely you will be encouraged to gain more experience for the next year.

Winners of the 2018 races
10 days
Ashprihanal Aalto , Finland 826.4 miles / 1329.96 km
Ilvaka Nemcova, Czech Republic 621.6 miles / 1000.37 km

6 days
John Geesler, United States 403.2 miles / 648.89 km
Petra Kasperova, Czech Republic 370.4 miles / 596.10 km

All time Race records
10 days
Rimas Jakelaitis, Lithuania 901 miles (2001)
Kaneenika Janakova, Slovakia 727 miles (2014)

6 days
David Luljak, United States 541 miles (1998)
Dipali Cunningham, Australia 513 miles (2009)

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