A Breakthrough Theory

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​On the verge of the new year, I have encountered some very interesting materials, and I would like to develop the ideas I’ve discovered into a direction that can be called A Breakthrough Theory or A Qualitative Leap.

Once in a blue moon in our life, at work, or in sport, there comes a time when we reach a certain level that we seem to not be able to get past, and whatever we do that we know, nothing helps us to get through this obstacle onto a new level. Even common sense tells us that we need to use something completely new, a super power, that will launch us into a new orbit. Such cases also happened to me in the past. The most striking leap that happened in my sports career was a dramatic jump in distance running, from a 13-hour race (where I ran 105 km) to the longest distance in the world 3,100-Mile Race (nearly 5,000 km). This result of 105 km in the 13-hour race in 2002 was my longest distance prior to the start in 3,100 miles in 2004 … There have been other cases in my sporting life as well as in my professional life, when energy from Above drived me to a qualitative new level. But my progress is nothing in comparison to what I’ve discovered when I saw Sri Chinmoy’s progress graph in weight lifting.


Sri Chinmoy weightlifting graph

​It is quite possible that he will remain the only spiritual master of this level who reached extraordinary achievements in weightlifting. In a span of 580 days, he made exponential progress from lifting a 40 lbs dumbbell up to 7063,75 lbs! (Follow this link if you would like to know more about weightlifting history of Sri Chinmoy)

My meditation is the source of unlimited power. 
~ Sri Chinmoy

The conscious spiritual practice is precisely the secret of bringing the super power in our lives. We have sent our messages to the stars, we have conquered the forces of the atom, but yet have to discover ourselves.

One of the talks that Sri Chinmoy gave more than 25 years ago about transcending two-hour barrier in marathon is canonical for me. I found it extremely versatile. Whenever I come across a task beyond my strength, which requires a qualitative leap – I come back to this article.

Wishing you a happy New Year and qualitative breakthroughs in your life.

Stutisheel Greece

with warm greetings from Greece.


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