Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team 12 and 24-hour race start

12-hour Race in New York

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On June 8, 2024, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team organized 12 and 24-hour races at Rockland State Park. This was my third consecutive 12-hour race in this location. Over the years, the number of participants has significantly increased. About 140 people started the two races, and at midnight, another 60 runners started a night marathon. The popularity of long-distance races, particularly those organized by the Marathon Team, is definitely growing.

For the first 25 km, I decided to test the Hoka Rocket shoes with a carbon plate. Overall, they performed well – I had trained in them before the race. My feet felt very comfortable, and they definitely added speed. However, after 20-25 km, you start to feel foot fatigue. It’s worth mentioning that a week after the 12-hour race, I ran a Father’s Day marathon in them and was very satisfied with a time of 4 hours and 3 minutes.

In the 12-hour race, I switched to my usual New Balance Fresh Foam X, which I’ve been training and racing in for the past few years, including the 3100-Mile Race.

I ran the marathon in about 4:23, and overall, the first 50 km went quite well. But then my energy waned, and I couldn’t overcome this slump…

Neither nutrition, nor mantras, nor rest could return me to my previous pace. What can you do – you accept everything as it is. I still can’t identify the reason…

The last few laps (about 3 miles around the lake), I walked. I stopped with a result of 82.3 km / 51.14 miles.

Of course, I wanted to surpass my last year’s result of 100 km, but it is what it is. In any case, it was a good planned training session for my upcoming 3100-Mile Race this fall.

Despite battling for the last 6 hours, I have very good impressions and experience of the competition. Superb organization and support, many new runners – both young and old. I also met some of my acquaintances.

The journey through life continues!


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