Project Management Professional Certification

Project Management Professional Certification

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Сертификат Project Management Professional Олег Лебедев

I dreamed about this certification for many years. It is amazing to realize how Dreams are moving towards you if you do not give up and show perseverance …
For a examination, even for admission to the exam, you need to qualify! Plus 80% do not pass the exam the first time. I paid for the exam six months ago and thought I would streamline my years of management experience into a month. But it was not there. When passing the tests, I scored 47-52%. And the barrier to pass is 80%! In addition, I did not have time to take the first tests on time – I spent twice as much time on the answer as needed … The preparation stretched out for six months. And more precisely, for almost 30 years, from the moment I first came to Washington for a training from the World Bank Institute for Economic Development in 1994, I began to dream of getting a certificate in project management. It’s very similar to an ultramarathon.

But when you do not give up, the dream begins to move towards you. I tried to study at least 2 hours a day, take tests, sort out mistakes, and so on. A month and a half before the scheduled test, I came across a review from an Indian living in Canada who had just passed the exam. He said: “If I can break the code for this test, then you can too.” I also learned that the Project Management Mindset is very important – these are the principles and attitudes of a manager from the point of view of the Project Management Institute. This mindset immediately eliminated 2/3 of the wrong answers. I can share if you would like.

The online exam itself lasted 4.5 hours with two breaks of 10 minutes each. I finished half an hour early and spent another 15 minutes checking uncertain answers. But even then the thought came that I passed the test. The last button is “Submit” and… Congratulation on your heard-earned certification!

I must say that the exam itself seemed to me less difficult than the preparation questions. By the way, there are many options for tests, both paid and free. I listened to the reviews and bought Study Hall by PMI – the questions were very similar in wording and complexity to the exam questions.

So, another dream came true! Moving on.

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