Marathon Season Opening in Odessa, Ukraine

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10-й марафон Одесса 2019

On the March 17, 2019 in Odessa was an opening of the marathon season in Ukraine! About 900 participants took part at races of 42 km, 21 km, 10 km and 2 miles! A record number for the 10th Odessa Marathon!

The day before the start, we had the first experience of giving registration numbers at the Expo: partners and friends of the marathon presented their products and services. There was also a table of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon team with various information. From the ultra races schedule in the world in 2019 to the literature on sport and meditation. For example, the book by Sri Chinmoy – Inner and Outer Running.

Each of the 900 participants in the starter pack received a leaflet Breakthrough Theory and Practice: an inner basis for improving your results. It was a 26 page compilation from Guru’s writings and conversations with athletes.

Also at the Expo, there was hour-long presentation of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon team with the draw of free slots for participation in the 6-hour Self-transcendence races in Vienna and Prague. It was the first practice of free slots for Ukrainian athletes in ultra races in Europe.

Four of my students whom I train for various extreme events arrived at the start in Odessa. Olga Akimova ran a marathon, the rest – half. Everybody received a lot of impressions!

I also was as a participant in the marathon race. Wonderful drive, excellent road and service, a lot of volunteers on turns and at food points – everything is great! 3:23:55. For the opening of the season, I am very pleased

So, the marathon season is open – much more to come!



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