End of the 3100-Mile Race, 2017 edition

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Ten runners at the race finish – Aug 8, 2017, midnight.

At the midnight of Aug 8 there happened a deadline for 3100-Mile Race 2017 edition – 52 days. Out of 10 runners at the start 5 sucessfully finished the whole distance. You will find race final results below.


Vasu Nikolay DuzhiyRussia46 days + 17:38:226th finish in a row


Kaneenika JanakovaSlovakia48 days+14:24:10women’s world record!


Nirbhasa MageeIrland48 days+16:47PB


Harita DaviesNew Zealand51 days+12:48:14national record


Yolanda HolderUSA51 days+17:00:13age group record, first walker to ever finish the race


Smarana PuntigamAustria2900 milesstop at day 52


Andrey AndreevRussia2773 milesstop at day 52


Nidhruvi ZimmermanAustria2714 milesstop at day 52


Sergey KuzminRussia2700 milesstop at day 52


Ananda-Lahari ZuscinSlovakia2565 milesstop at day 52

In addition to quite challenging task – to run average 60 miles per day, every edition of the Big Race put an extra surprises. In that sense intestinal virus was the main challange of the 2017 race. Organizers are yet to find the source of it, but because of diarrhoea and as consequence bold dehydration, 7 out of 10 runners received intra venous injection in the middle of July.

To have a glance on the 3100-Mile Race history with interviews and pictures please visit the blog www.3100.Lebedev.org.ua

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